Team Tactics CQB (Shoothouse)


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This two day class can be interpreted into 4 specific areas of performance.  Interior and exterior movement, medical and vehicles.

The students ability to multitask in this environment is stressed.  The student will become familiar with vehicle interdiction and bailouts, room clearing, team entries with force-on-force.  The student will complete the qualifications, course work and PT to the satisfaction of the instructor.

THIS COURSE uses UTM conversions and UTM rounds.  They will be provided with an additional cost, if needed. Munitions for the class is $100.00.  Total of $150.00 to rent conversion for your AR/M4 and munitions for both days.


  • Verbiage
  • Weapons handling
  • Package handling
  • Safety violations
  • Performance standards
  • Vehicle IAD (Immediate action drills)
  • Leadership as it relates to team communication
  • Vehicle down / bailout procedures / Cross-deck
  • Movement as individuals and as a team
  • Vehicle tactics with OpFor
  • Entry tactics and exfil tactics – Shoothouse
  • Low light principals
  • Peer review and hot wash

Kit- each student will need to bring:

  • Pistol and holster
  • UTM conversion for M4 and/or pistol (we rent M4 conversions) 
  • 200 UTM rounds (Can purchase separately at class if needed)
  • Carbine
  • 4 mags for Primary and Secondary
  • Eyes and ears (electronic preferred)
  • If you work for a living bring the kit you carry
  • Gloves
  • Face mask (Paint ball or other) for Force-on-Force
  • Bring hydration
  • Lunch and snacks
  • Change of clothes for PT

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