Civil Litigation

Every time litigation looms, among the greatest risks to both plaintiff and defendant is that there is information “out there” that counsel doesn’t know. Undisclosed conflicts of interest. Misrepresentation of assets owned or controlled. A pivotal, hidden example of deceit or ill intent. Or a witness who is adept at not being found. PPI Security helps attorneys and their clients uncover facts, analyze information and preserve evidence during every phase of a personal or business dispute ranging from pre-trial preparation and discovery to court proceedings and the investigation of new information supporting appeal.

A PPI investigator can assist with everything from asset investigations, witness locates to interviews and surveillance. While many of the cases handled by attorneys could warrant the use of a private investigator in some aspect, following are some of the primary legal matters that we assist with:

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Personal Injury

From documenting the scene or vehicles, to conducting interviews, asset checks and locating witnesses, our role is of extreme value and more cost effective than the same tasks being done by the attorney.

Family Law

PPI utilizes a comprehensive strategy to child custody and infidelity cases, incorporating GPS trackers, forensic exams, covert cameras and surveillance to collect the necessary evidence for the case.

Criminal Defense

Every person has the right to have an attorney represent them and that should also include an experienced investigator to help identify key facts and evidence which could prove their innocence.

Corporate Investigations

A much larger problem in the US than most people believe, companies must protect their trade secrets, branding, intellectual property and reputation from competitors that want to fight dirty