Retail Locations

Our Retail Security Services at PPI Security are designed to minimize theft and facilitate ongoing loss prevention.

Retail and restaurant locations have become prime outlets for criminals to conduct their business, including robbery, shoplifting and vandalism – not to mention car theft and break-ins. This environment requires additional security measures to be taken by mall, restaurant and store owners.

PPI Security has a proven track record for providing security services to the retail sector.  Our team works with clients to assess security risks and develop a proactive plan to reduce and eliminate theft and incidents.

Our retail clients regularly call us to provide daily security for their high risk or high-profile locations, ensuring the safety and security of both customers and staff.

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Along with permanent placements, we provide security services for special events such as product launches or to assist with holiday shopping / seasonal security. Our clients also call us in for emergency response services. Whether from a shooting, robbery, accident, or as a result of a natural disaster, we regularly work with our clients in high-pressure situations. Our team provides response services designed to protect our clients' assets and to help their customers feel a level of security immediately following an emergency.

In addition, a top concern for many of our retail clients is workplace violence. Leading security managers in the nation name workplace violence as one of their top five concerns, according to a report in Security magazine. Whether a threat is made by current or previous employees, we at PPI provide the security needed to minimize the risk to both person and property.