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24 Hour Service

Pre-Employment Screening

PPI provides clients a great deal more confidence and information when hiring. We offer services to ensure your employees have a solid background and reputable standing. PPI offers a unique consultative approach, to help you implement and manage a successful employee screening program. PPI has developed tools to help you streamline the hiring process by providing you access to local, state and national partner databases along with FCRA compliance support, and offering industry-specific screening solutions.

Name and Address Search

The preliminary source of this search is credit ratings data. In some cases, the three credit bureaus often do not include a subject’s current address. During the identity verification process we search alternative sources, public records and phone records. In some cases, these supplemental databases will identify information not listed by the applicant.

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Social Security Number Validation

To check the validity of the Social Security Number, we run it against the Social Security Administration format information index.

State Criminal History

Many states offer online searches that will include criminal history for all counties within the state. These searches will allow employers to determine if an applicant has a criminal conviction within the state. We have developed a system to quickly search and audit this information for employers.

Federal Criminal History

Federal convictions rarely appear in a county, state or national criminal check. U.S. District Court indices are searchable at the federal level. Examples of crimes that would be prosecuted at the federal level are kidnapping, drug trafficking, bank robbery, embezzlement, or counterfeiting.

Sex Offender Registry

We offer access to both national and state-level sex offender registries. Although sex offenders are required to register when they move to a new state, they sometimes don’t. A national search will reveal any sex offenses of an applicant.

Government Watch Lists

Government security and terrorist watch lists include individuals or companies linked to terrorist activity. These watch lists also include denied, debarred, sanctioned, most wanted, and fugitive lists. Our search data includes all government agencies.

Motor Vehicle Records

Motor vehicle record history is available within a state where an individual holds a license for up to 3 to 7 years. If an applicant is going to be required to drive a company vehicle or travel on behalf of the business, a motor vehicle record history will supply all of the information required.

Employment Reference Checks

PPI will screen potential employees by speaking with Human Resource Departments, supervisors and possibly co-workers of the applicant.

Education Reference Check

Ensure that your applicant is providing an accurate educational background by performing an education reference check. PPI is equipped to validate degrees or GED certificates from accredited schools or universities.

Employee Termination

Employers with high level terminations or those simply looking to execute a safe and peaceful termination, have utilized PPI’s services to evaluate an employee to determine what level of risk may exist prior to an Employee Termination. Based on PPI’s evaluation a determination will be made, in consultation with our client, if there is a need for PPI’s Personnel during the actual termination process.