Night fighter- Low-Light and No-Light



The goal of this course is for students learn and demonstrate the fundamentals of marksmanship during low-light conditions.  The combination of accuracy, movement, light placement and identification (while in diminished light) makes this course challenging and absolutely necessary if you carry a firearm.

The students will gain knowledge of low light limitations and techniques for handheld and mounted light deployment .  This course material covers fundamentals of one handed shooting, combat shooting platforms, one handed manipulations and light integration techniques and tactics.

Prerequisites: Prior handgun and/or carbine fundamentals or equivalent (must be a recognized trainer)

Ammo count for carbine: 400 primary and 200 secondary.  ***Handgun only, ammo requirements are 500 rds

Training is divided into the following modules:

  1. Individual skills
  2. Practical exercise and live fire

POI (Points of Instruction):

  • Firearms safe handling procedures
  • Ammunition selection of supersonic vs subsonic
  • Surgical shooting / one handed manipulations
  • Movement
  • Malfunctions
  • Light selection and application
  • NOD’s and application
  • Suppressors selection and applications
  • Low-light shooting skills suppressed
  • Principles of sound, muzzle flash, and movement

Kit, each student will need to bring:

  1. Handgun and or carbine and support gear including 4 mags
  2. Suppressor if you have it
  3. Proper holster, holster should be snug to your waistline
  4. Magazine carrier and or chest rig
  5. Eyes and ear pro (electronic is recommended)
  6. Clear lenses
  7. Handheld lights and weapon mounted lights

We also recommend packing; cleaning kit for weapons maintenance and wear comfortable clothes. Bring a lunch and enough hydration for the day. We will break for lunch, and there are BBQ joints, Subway and other choices, if you prefer to pick up lunch. Sunscreen, wet wipes and other comfort items and your friends. Pen and paper for notes.

To advance to the next class you will be tested on the following mechanical and technical skills. Scoring zones will be shown in class.
STANDARDS Handgun Fundamentals I

From the 7 yard: 18 total rounds 90 percent to pass

2 round from combat ready strong side (2.5 seconds)
1 round from the holster one handed (4 seconds)
2 rounds A zone combat ready with light deployment (3 seconds)
5 rounds A zone , 1 head, combat ready with light deployment (4.5 seconds)
1 round, reload, 1 round, low ready with light deployment (5 seconds)
2 rounds plus 1 head shot, T1 repeat T2 combat ready with light deployment (4.5 seconds)