24 Hour Service
24 Hour Service


Security Management relates to the physical protection of people and property, as well as information, network and telecommunications systems.


At PPI, we use our years of experience in law enforcement to provide best in class security services for our clients.


PPI contracts off-duty peace officers from local, county, and state law enforcement agencies to provide armed security for individuals, small businesses, large corporations, retailers, healthcare facilities, pipeline construction, and petrochemical plants, just to name a few.


All of our officers are bonded, licensed, and insured. And our simple billing process means you get one invoice while we take care of the officer and department payouts.

Why PPI for Security?

  • PPI Security utilizes current, uniformed police officers in good standing for deployment to an assignment
  • PPI commissioned Level IV officers have full authority to enforce the law while engaged in the performance of their required duties, discreetly, and at the discretion of the client
  • PPI provides all scheduling. If an officer is called to an emergency or cannot make his assignment, PPI will immediately replace the officer
  • During natural or manmade disasters, PPI can deploy officers and agents quickly
  • PPI provides all payroll services, and officers are paid weekly
  • The client is invoiced once per month
  • PPI provides general liability and workers compensation insurance as required by law when the officer is contracted through PPI
  • Whether the concern is asset protection, loss prevention, executive protection, crowd management, or traffic control, PPI matches every officer to the client’s specifications
  • PPI utilizes Silvertrac— the highest-rated software in the industry for real time monitoring of employees and contractors in the field. Every officer signs in via phone app verified by the GPS locator within the app. It answers the who, what, when, and where of on-site security, instantly and transparently.
  • PPI Security is the ONE POINT OF CONTACT – 24/7 365 DAYS A YEAR