Workers Compensation

PPI Security has vast experience assisting companies with surveillance details for employees out on Workers Compensation leave. PPI’s Investigators are highly experienced with locating, tracking, and providing discreet surveillance. This service concludes with a professionally written report detailing facts discovered during the surveillance process along with surveillance photos and video.

PPI gathers the proof employers need, have a clear understanding of the evidence gathering processes, know the value of a clear concise report and, if needed, can testify in a court of law, or, as required.

Successful results on a Workers Compensation investigation require a unique knowledge and understanding of the intricacies and issues of the Workers Compensation claims process. Our investigative staff are highly experienced in conducting Workers Compensation investigations including:

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  •  Full AOE/COE Investigations
  •  Surveillance
  •  Activity checks
  •  “Alive and Well” checks
  •  Medical clinic inspections
  •  Social Media investigations
  •  Background investigations
  •  Public and court records research
  •  Assets checks
  •  SIU fraud

Experience has shown us that some injured workers will prolong their return to work by malingering or exaggerating their disabilities. Surveillance investigations should be initiated when you have good reason to believe the worker is misrepresenting his / her disability, and when visual evidence can be utilized or be of benefit in closing or managing the claim. In those instances, conducting covert surveillance and gathering video evidence of the injured workers; disability and activity level is necessary to manage the claim effectively and avoid paying undeserved benefits.