Preparation. Action. Evacuation.
24 Hour Service
24 Hour Service

Disaster Preparedness

The goal of the Disaster Preparedness Course is to have students learn and demonstrate the fundamentals of survival during an emergency, either by evacuation or shelter in place. Challenges and civil unrest will arise as gasoline is depleted, curfews are placed, electricity shut down, and food and water run out.

The student will demonstrate vehicle setup, security, shelter, land navigation, fire, food, river crossing, team work, leadership, sanitation, medical/first aid, and much, much more. The learning environment will incorporate the lower portion of the facilities 200 acres to include the sand bank and river.


The students will gain knowledge of the key points to survive the first 72 hours and plan for the next. To have a “go bag” and vehicle strategy to move. To demonstrate the technical side and applications of the survival kit and to use its contents competently. The natural stress of having preparations but not functionalizing them, or needing preparations, is unraveled in this course. Skill sets needed to render aid to an injured individual, whether it be in a hostile or a non-hostile environment will be covered.

Practical Topics

  • Evacuation
  • Shelter, fire starting, water purifying, trapping and vehicle setup
  • Bug out bag setup
  • Priorities of work
  • Kit shake down and key pieces of gear
  • Important knots, security concerns, tools and tool care and maintenance
  • Scavenging (starting with your vehicle)
  • Rebuilding a community
  • Chain of command
  • Land navigation and movements
  • Water fording, and team river crossing
  • Patient movement/echelon of care
  • H-ABC’s
  • Wounds and wound care