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24 Hour Service

24 Hour Service


Matthew Brockmann

Chief Training Officer

Matthew Brockmann oversees all training programs for the continued development and certification of PPI Security personnel, federal, state and local agencies, ex-Military, and, both public and private sector clients.

He has trained with or has hosted Navy SEALS, Recon Marines, DELTA, Special Forces, and a multitude of other specialized subject matter experts developing a comprehensive and vibrant training program for personal security.

Matthew’s experience includes training US Military, Homeland Security, Border Patrol, DEA, High Risk Warrant teams, SWAT and tactical teams, as well as other federal, state and local agencies.

Through PPI Security, Matthew is registered with the Texas Department of Public Safety as an Instructor,  Personal Protection Officer, Private Investigator and is qualified as a Security Manager.

Matthew is the Founder and President of MAST Solutions, a Tactical Training Company located in Houston TX.

Rich McCusker

Rich McCusker is a former Marine Special Operations Team Leader with combat experience across the globe. Rich is a retired full-time SWAT officer with a major metropolitan police department. He is a current Tactical Advisor and Firearms Instructor with over 15 years instructional experience and has developed numerous tactical and firearms power point lesson plans for Federal/Military/ and local Law Enforcement tactical units.

Rich has conducted many operations dealing with Executive/Dignitary protection throughout the world. He has planned, executed, and consulted with many agencies regarding security operations. Rich has trained civilians, military, federal, and local law enforcement on all aspects of security including but not limited to physical, cyber, and vehicle security. Rich has been sought after by numerous companies and schools to help develop a safe and secure environment for employees and students. He has developed the A.S.E.E.D. (Avoidance, Survival mindset, Evade, Escape, Defend) acronym for dealing with Active Violence in the workplace and teaches this system across the U.S.

Torrey Kramer

Torrey Kramer honorably served in the US Army as an airborne infantryman from 2002-2005. During that time he was deployed to Afghanistan with with the 1/501PIR as a member of the Scout/Sniper platoon. After returning home he was honorably discharged and continued to sharpen his skills as a shooter, joining MAST Solutions in 2006. In 2009 he was called again to serve his country, and was attached to the 56th SBCT and deployed to Iraq as a member of a sniper team. Torrey was medically retired due to injuries sustained in theater. His leadership continues today with MAST Solutions and serves as Director of Training.

To see Torrey in ALONG RECOVERY, a documentary by Justin Springer, click here.

Mike Leal

Operations Manager

Mike Leal is responsible for the smooth running of all security and investigation operations at PPI Security as Operations Manager. Prior to joining PPI Security, Mike served the City of Bellaire, where he started as a Patrolman in 1988 and held positions in Criminal Investigations and Police Administration. In 1997, Mike was promoted to the Rank of Detective Sergeant and assisted in the development of the agencies Special Response Team in which he held positions as a Tactical Operator and Team Leader. He would later become the Administrative Officer over the unit.

In 2001 Mike was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant over the Criminal Investigations Division and Support Services. Mike assisted and coordinated high-level investigations in which many gained national attention and media coverage. Mike developed, implemented, and oversaw the hiring and background procedures currently in use by the Bellaire Police Department and was also the training coordinator for the agency. In 2012, Mike was promoted to the rank of Assistant Chief of Police. Mike is a Master Peace Officer through the Texas Commission of Law Enforcement (TCOLE) and is a graduate of the Texas Leadership Command College based out of Sam Houston State University.