Principles of no-light CQB


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This course requires the use of PVS-14 and Ops-core combination.   The student will have an understanding of NOD set up, IR pointers, lasers and execution of tactical movement in a CQB environment.  The student will demonstrate teamwork and basic movement as it applies to complete darkness in CQB.  The student will have gained knowledge of exterior movement, interior movement, markers and the limited use of handheld or weapons mounted lights as white or IR.  The class will be held at our indoor and light conditions controlled shoothouse.  This course incorporates the use of sims and UTM conversions for force-on-force.  

Conversions, UTM rounds and NOD’s are available to rent for this class, but will be limited to the first 8 to pay and register.

  1. Rental of PVS-14 and helmet: $225.00
  2. Cost with your own kit:  $575.00 
  3. UTM conversions for M4 are available for $25.00 per day.  Munitions will be available at class for $90.00


  • Handgun conversion for sims or UTM with 3 magazines
  • Holster and mag pouches
  • Zeroed carbine with 3 magazines/mounted white light/sling/mag pouches
  • 100 rounds handgun sims or UTM
  • 200 rounds carbine Sims or UTM 
  • Hand held white light
  • Level III body armor
  • Ballistic and/or bump helmet with NV mount
  • Medical kit worn on the body with tourniquet/pressure bandage
  • Night vision device capable of being mounted on the helmet w/all necessary mounting hardware (a limited number of rentals are available). 
  • Carbine mountable IR laser pointer or pointer / illuminator combo w/all necessary mounting hardware (a limited number of “loaners” are available on an as-needed basis)
  • Carbine mountable IR flashlight or filter for carbine mounted white light
  • Eye and ear protection
  • Sims or UTM face pro
  • Pen and notepads 
  • Adequate personal water supply and food for lunch and snacks

Class is held at Cypress Creek Fire Training Center:

12073 Perry Rd
Houston, TX 77070-5082

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