Op Green Acres Membership – Annual Family Fee


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160 Acres! The most absolutely and undeniably perfect range. Only accepting 100 applicants for the first year, phase I. $550.00 per year. 1K to 1500 meter long range with targeting system. 100m pistol deck and 300m Carbine deck. You will have full access to the facility and a 15% discount on all classes held.

There is a limited, first option for only 100 members, for Operation “Green Acres” Phase I.  All other memberships will be determined after the first year.  The first 100 members from Op “Green Acres” are the only that qualify to be grandfathered at the $550.00 annual fees.  Phase II fees will have less memberships offered and a speculated cost of $700.00 per calendar year.


– Full range access, as it applies to the membership bylaws.
– 1 on 1 with staff on ways to improve and expand your skill set. (when staff available)
– 12 guest passes per year.

As a member you can rent part of the facility for bachelor parties, camping and survival craft, leadership courses (with MAST Staff instructors), corporate outings, 4th of July and other activities.  Members


– DD214 for military (or)
– Police Employment (or)

– Complete orientation for your membership badge
– Complete Handgun I / qualifier

* Must demonstrate proper weapon manipulation, screened by MAST Solutions staff.  This is a part-time staffed facility, therefore for your safety and the safety of the membership the above qualifiers must be met.  I assure you, this is for your benefit.

* At any time, unsafe or destructive behavior will be deemed a forfeiture of a membership under the bylaws and general orders set by MAST Solutions.  No refunds will be offered for memberships that are revoked under these circumstances. 

Phase II

Includes the construction of a shoothouse, O-Course including but not limited to a “high angle” tower, 747 passenger jet for linear Operations, Helo fast roping, classroom, and improved LE and Military only bays.

Phase III

Includes final construction and further development of the property and amenities.  Phase II amenities include pro shop, FFL, rentals, cleaning services and armorer.  Food and beverage and the club house is expected to be finished in Phase III.  Cabins with 4 team rooms for LE / MIL and accommodations.  Phase III will include a kids area and fishing in the stocked pond.  Wet and dry track along with a central club house and eatery.  The guest houses will close out Phase III efforts.

Phase IV