Joining a MAST team will make a sufficient difference in your performance goals. Build confidence, character. This is true “life ensurance”. We don’t choose the moment trouble decides to visit. We can only control the preparation we put into it. Our law enforcement is reactive. Your ability to defend yourself and your loved ones is squarely on your shoulders.




Spend time.  Buy life.

The rates are monthly, and for the first year must be paid in advance quarterly.  After the first year of membership is paid member can choose to go on monthly payments. We have limited slots available membership in order to provide you with it 100% service-level.  Every member should be able to use their benefits at all times.  Only 5 team members to complete Gold Team.  Billed monthly, with a minimum 12 month contract.  

Gold Team: $350 per month.  Three regular class slots per month (Normally $600.00).  Specialty classes with UTM, or otherwise listed on the calendar will require additional fees.    

  • 50% off class.  Pay for 1.5 days get 3 days with membership.
  • Full access to range membership perks and benefits 
  • If you would like to upgrade to a specialty class during a month that you haven’t used your training days, use a discount code and ONLY pay difference.
  • Training days, if not used can roll for a maximum of 2 months.  
  • Tax write off and deductions of training for employment. 

In order to better influence personal development and accommodate the busy schedules of members, an 8-hour course credit can now be exchanged for a 2-hour private lesson scheduled during the week. This private lesson can be used to focus on a specific problem area, skill set assessment or standards qualification. Additional time or shooters can be arranged for an additional cost.

  1. Private lessons must be scheduled a week in advance.
  2. The range fee must still be paid. =
  3. If it is a non-range related private like Combative’s, Knife, Force on Force, personal security consult or the finer things about throwing stars…then no range fee.
  4. Availability is determined by instructor and site accommodations.
  5. No shows or “day of” cancellations will be recognized as used.

Joining a MAST team is a monthly commitment, and will make a repeatable and sufficient difference in your performance goals.  Most of you have gym memberships or a wine buyers club membership.  Maybe you cross-fit and have a magazine subscription to the cigar aficionado or men’s health.  You pay for house and flood insurance.  Car insurance and “life insurance.”   MAST offers a program that builds confidence, character, and defines what life insurance really truly is…and should be.  We don’t choose the moment the “Grim Reaper” decides to visit us, and we don’t control who and how.  We can only control the preparation we put into it. Our law enforcement is reactive.  Your ability to defend yourself and your loved ones is squarely on your shoulders.  Spend time, buy life…