Environmental problem solving: Day I – Counter Custody 2.0. Day II – FOF, environmental solutions




Ed spent 12 years on the front-line of the war on drugs.  While working with law enforcement of every level to combat some of the largest and most organized criminal elements, Ed observed massive discrepancies between the training of enforcement officers and evolving criminal methods.

The arms race of information accelerated by the internet left law enforcement chronically behind. While law enforcement was developing safer means of weapon carry, criminals were developing and distributing methods of negating access to firearms and other tools. Criminal use of edged weapons starkly contrasts with mainstream systems, stripping away flashy techniques in favor of a primitive, savage and highly effective low-tech approach. Constrained by bureaucracy and crippled by outdated training, law enforcement found themselves unable to keep up.

Expensive lessons were ignored on both sides of the border.

Ed began to study obsessively. He made it his mission to develop a better understanding of the mindset and methods of the successful criminal, training to counter those methods specifically.  His tireless observation and research and reverse engineering of criminal activity through full immersion inside of these critically dangerous environments; as well as, severe hardship and fatal mistakes, have led to the accumulation and development of the most unique curriculum available to the public.  These lesson will be taught in this course with MAST Solutions.

After leaving service, Ed focused on spreading awareness of the realities of modern policing and sharing his hard earned experience.  Law enforcement continues its struggle to adapt, to advancing technology and changing methods; something as simple as civilian surveillance has effectively disrupted law enforcement across the country. Critical gaps in shared knowledge and training has contributed to the chronic and still-escalating use of force violations. Ed continues to fill the gap…to dispel the myths and misinformation that plague modern officers, and provide a glimpse of the nightmares lurking at the edges of the streets.

Any savvy thief will tell you: Only dumb criminals get caught.

This two day class integrates Counter Custody 2.0, and the evolution of environmental problem solving using force-on-force (UTM) as resistance. This unique class blends both worlds and invites students into a controlled learning environment to study and solve the pervasive criminal mindset and tactics.

What to bring:

  • Training knives
  • Sims kit and ammo if you have it
  • Sim or UTM Personal Protection Equipment
  • Comfortable clothes to change into
  • Duty belt if you wear daily, plate carrier and helmet if issued
  • Medical kit and “boo-boo kit”
  • Eye pro

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20 Jul 2018 08:00