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The Counter Attack Team (CAT) is a tactical support element used to divert an attack.  The tactical support team escalates force by executing coordinated fire and movement.  This course is designed and suited for military and SWAT.

This is a practical exercise conducted on a live-fire range. The students will
demonstrate movement, IAD (Immediate Action Drills), reaction to contact, working with
vehicles mounted and dismounted, how to withdrawal under pressure and secure a site.
This is an advanced course and the tempo is fast paced in nature. Op 4 aggressors will
interact with the students for the final exercise.
This is a high energy course. Applicants must have appropriate skills prior to attending.
At the minimum, the successful completion of a previous handgun, carbine and team
tactics course (military, police or commercial) is required.

In accordance with International Traffic in Arms (ITAR) Regulations, only U.S. Citizens
will be accepted to participate in MAST Solutions courses.
Points of Instruction (POI) 20 hours:
• Firearms safe handling procedures
• Combat marksmanship fundamentals qualifier
• Surgical shooting and target discrimination qualifier
• Movement and fluidity of fundamentals

Vehicular skills
1. Embuss / Debuss
2. Placement and roles of team
3. Driving security

Action Drills (IADs)
1. IADS and Their Relationship to the CAT Mission
2. IADS That Are Required To React To An Attack Initial Drills
1. React to contact from right, left, front and rear IADs That Terminate Actions
1. Withdrawal Under Pressure
2. Evacuation
3. Consolidation

Five Principles of Tactical Success for the CAT
1. Surprise
2. Maneuver
3. Speed
4. Control
5. Security

Gear List:
1. At least 5 serviceable M4 magazines, as well as the ability to carry them on your body
2. At least 3 pistol magazines, holster and mag carrier
3. Active EarPro
4. Clear or tinted EyePro
5. Knee Pads/Elbow Pads recommended
6. Carbine — Weapon mounted white light is recommended
7. Pistol—weapon mounted white light is recommended
8. Hand held light
9. Sufficient batteries for all of your equipment

Ammunition: 700 rds 5.56x45mm or .223 Ball. 250 rds pistol ammunition.  UTM will be provided for force-on-force.

Confirmation and notices sent upon receipt of payment in full unless other arrangements have been
made. Full payment is requested no later than 15 days prior to class dates.  Credentials can be scanned or a digital photo
taken and emailed. Scanning or emailing a digital photo assures legible images while often faxing does not. USG, DoD and other organizations can continue to pay via credit card or purchase order.

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